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The Stratus is a horiztontal wrapping machine.  It comes with electronic controls that provide fast and clean cut product changeover abailities.  The installation and start up take only a couple hours.  The compact design of the Stratus gives you flexibilty of placement.  

The Stratus is perfect for many industries, such as;

1.  Hardware

2.  Bakery

3.  Candies

4.  Housewares




1.  20 pre-programmable product setups

2.  Film jog aids in making film changeovers

3.  Infeed conveyor with stainless steel product guides provides ample room for hand feeding and meets FDA sanitation                        requirements

4.  Torque sensitive servo motors stop the machine if jams occur in the infeed or end crimpers

5.  Precise heat controls with digital setpoints and out-of-range alarms assure consistent seal quality

6.  Optional Electronic Two-Way Eye Correction precisely positions printed film on the package and minimizes film waste created          during set-up

7.  Two sets of finwheels

8.  Full range of adjustable formers